Viljoen's Praise & Prayer Information

praise items

  • For God’s daily guidance, grace and love. It is such a privilege to walk with Jesus and reveal His “presence” each day to other people!
  • For all of you who are are praying for us and supporting us!
  • Mrs. K's husband was baptized in hospital the first week of October! (He is receiving palliative care.)
  • Six people are currently in Bible studies at Sapporo Central Church.
  • For an ongoing sense that God is doing “a new thing” in Hokkaido.
  • Two great visits from Dale's two sons who live in Africa.
  • Jesus blessing us with renewed and improved health.
  • Karen is enjoying meeting the members that she is praying for / pastoring as part of her role on the Hokkaido Sector Leadership Team.
  • We had a very good Hocmin Pastors' Luncheon in September with 52 pastors and Christian workers attending. (Dale serves on the Hocmin Steering Committee.)
  • Pre-marital counseling times are very special with the couples Dale "marries!"
  • Praise that our OMF support for 2017 is 100%!
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prayer items

Sapporo Chuo (Central) Christian Church
  • May Jesus' transformation and love be seen in and through Mr. K who was baptized in hospital, May God take him to Himself at just the right time.
  • Pray for Mrs. "Brushwood Field's" health to be protected and that she would clearly believe in Jesus. Our contact with her has been reduced due to her many visits to doctors.
  • Pastor Ozawa lectures at the Hokkaido Bible Institute, serves on the main HBI committee that oversees the courses, and of course is busy pastoring at Sapporo Central Church. Pray for grace, wisdom and strength. Pastor Ozawa is especially busy this semester at HBI.
  • Pray for newcomers to know Jesus and follow Him.
  • Please pray for the elderly and frail in the church.
  • We are seeing around 50-55 people at the Sunday Worship Service (which is above the average of 35 people / church). Pray for God’s Spirit to continue to work, and for Jesus to be lifted high to be seen, understood and accepted.
  • Michael and Haruhi Widmer are also OMF workers who attend Chuo Church. Michael and Haruhi teach at the Hokkaido Bible Institute and Haruhi is also involved with giving language advice at OMF's Language and Culture Center.
Other requests
  • Chris Pain and his wife, Kesia, have been appointed to fill the role of the new OMF Japan Field Director (following on David Ferguson's home call) in December. A new Hokkaido Sector Leader is currently in the process of being appointed. Please pray for God's will to be done.
  • Dale has been asked to preach once a month at Wakaba Church (Ishikari city which is just north of Sapporo), currently without a pastor. Pray for this church and for Dale as he prepares — starting December 3rd.
  • Because of the devaluation of the South African Rand and the home-call of some of our supporters we are looking to God to provide more supporters so that our support can continue to be 100%.
  • Karen continues to orientate new Serve Asia workers, serve on the Hokkaido Sector Leadership Team, and leads other committees.
  • Please pray for 17 year old M who is receiving palliative treatment after her cancer spread. Also pray for her immediate family, her school friends and the teachers who have know her for a long time. Grief and loss are experienced differently by each person…
  • More intercessors for Japan and for ourselves is a crucial prayer request!
  • We are taking some holiday in October — a week holiday, a week work including preaching at Tobetsu, then another week holiday. Please pray for refreshment and renewal during these times as we care quite tired after a busy year.
  • We will attend the 6th All Hokkaido Pastors' Conference October 24-26. Pastors from all denominations and from all parts of Hokkaido will be at this conference. Dale will help with the photography.
  • Wedding ministry is a wonderful opportunity to interact with Japanese couples at a deep heart-level!
  • Please pray for the concept of “grace” to be rediscovered in the Japanese (and Western) church.
  • Please pray for God to continue to meet our personal financial needs. We have purchased two new sets of car tires — winter and summer, and are now using the new winter ones.
  • Please continue to pray for God to guide Peter regarding his future in Niseko.

more information for long-term prayer

Sapporo Chuo (Central) Christian Church
  • Our basic ministry is to support the Japanese pastor and his wife who are doing a tremendous job (grace filled preaching, teaching and living). This couple face some challenges and criticism because of their willingness to accept and preach the Gospel to anyone. We believe that our past experiences really prepared us to be able to sympathise with and encourage Pastor and Mrs. Ozawa.
  • Karen leads the service once a month; takes part in the mid-week ladies meeting; does evangelistic events; and teaches in the Sunday School when necessary.
  • Dale meets with the pastor and preaches occasionally.
  • We both seek to encourage, counsel and help the church members "behind the scene" as much as possible so as to enable the Pastor to be clearly seen as the leader.
OMF responsibilities
  • Karen is the Serve Asia / Hokkaido Regional co-ordinator. Her role has now expanded to having direct contact with the sending countries.
  • Karen serves on the OMF Hokkaido Sector Leadership Team, along with the team leader and his wife and three others.
  • Dale serves as the OMF representative on Hocmin, an interdenominational group that seeks to build up churches in Hokkaido. Hocmin was very involved with ministering to the Iwate area after the 2011 tsunami and now is networking with and training pastors in Hokkaido in order to respond to a “local” disaster that may occur.
  • Dale also serves on the Samariyakai Board. The Samariyakai was started by OMF about 38 years ago as an alcoholic live-in recovery and rehabilitation centre and is now under Japanese leadership.
  • Dale serves on the Keswick Convention preparation meeting.
  • Dale preaches at other Japanese churches as needed to enable Japanese pastors to get rest or to take other speaking opportunities.
  • Wedding ministry — Dale. This involves conducting weddings with the opportunity to speak about the Living Creator God who through Jesus reveals and gives us His love. 99.9% of all in the congregations have never heard this! This ministry is loosely linked to Chuo Church, and we seek to link the couples to Chuo Church and other churches.
  • Counselling non-Christian couples.
  • Evangelising the couples at Christmas time and with New Year cards and Christmas evangelistic presents.
  • Both of us: opportunities encouraging other foreigners and missionaries.
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OMF = OMF International (Overseas Missionary Fellowship)
Chuo Church = Sapporo Chuo (Central) Evangelical Christian Church
JECA = Japanese Evangelical Church Association
TCK = Third Cultural Kid
PTL = Praise the Lord!
US = United States of America
SA = South Africa

12 ways to focus our prayers for revival in japan

May we take time and space to focus on the land of Japan and its people, praying alone and with others, as we long for spiritual breakthrough!

1 Workers for the Harvest Field
Lord, raise up missionaries, pastors, evangelists, lay leaders, witnesses in the workplace.

2 Unity and Cooperation
Lord, may churches work together, seek to overcome differences, love one another.

3 Equipped for Battle
Lord, help your people to fight with spiritual armour and shine as lights in the darkness.

4 OMF Japan
Lord, show us clearly what we should be and do as we are here ‘for such a time as this.’

5 Spiritual Vitality
Lord, may your people worship you joyfully, serve you wholeheartedly, witness boldly.

6 Pastors and Churches
Lord, encourage and envision pastors; may churches overflow with love, joy and hope.

7 Families
Lord, may whole families believe in Jesus, from small children to elderly grandparents.

8 The Political Scene
Lord, grant restraint to leaders and strengthen believers to stand firm when it gets tough.

9 Holiness
Lord, purify your church, help your people to live holy lives and deal with secret sins.

10 Evangelism and Discipleship
Lord, may your people be built up in their faith and have a passion to proclaim the gospel.

11 Tohoku Vision 2015: to see 30 workers in Tohoku
Lord, have mercy on Tohoku, provide the needed workers and bring many to know Jesus.

12 Repentance, Renewal, Revival!
Lord, bring many to repentance, renew your people and revive your church.

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."
Ephesians 2:10

Our desire is:

To walk with the Living God,
glorifying Him each day as we reveal
His love and grace.

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